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EDAG Strategies & Priorities
The Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAG) was assembled in 2014 in order to:
  1. Create and update the City’s economic development strategy
  2. Advise the City on economic development priorities, programs, marketing efforts, etc…
  3. Make recommendations to the City Commission on development projects for which City incentives are requested
  4. Propose changes to policies and procedures governing economic development activities
  5. Advocate for programs and activities that will improve the economic conditions of the City and the surrounding area
  6. Partner with the local chamber of commerce, other economic development organizations, other city departments and boards, county officials, state and federal entities, community non-profits, educational institutions, healthcare providers, businesses, and citizens to further economic development efforts.


Member Name Term Expires
Don Ball (Chairman) 7-31-20
Michael Kuckelman (Vice Chair) 7-31-21
Justin Bottorff 7-31-20
Mike Zuzolo 7-31-20
Justas Norvilas 7-31-20
Dan Raplinger 7-31-19
D.J. Bruce 7-31-19
Brandon Gall 7-31-19
Charo Kelley 7-31-21
Elizabeth Collins 7-31-21
Jim Rowland 7-31-19